Friday, May 30, 2014

Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer!

Finally! I’m sitting here in Rovereto, training for the day done, feet up relaxing, and with all the time I wish to write this blog post…well until I decide it’s time for more gelato…probably a max of 15mins or so going on previous consumption. It’s a complete and welcome change of pace, and it’s giving me the chance to reflect on the last couple of months, and look ahead to the next couple of months.

Without getting too deep and philosophical, last week in particular was mentally and emotionally draining. Tying up ends at work, cramming in training when I could, and in saying goodbye to friends who are finishing their PhDs and won't be in Canberra when I return. This last one was particularly tough, but as a wise friend once said; This is not the end but rather just the beginning! ;) Now I just have more places around the globe to visit!

So yeah, a tough week. But with work finally winding down, I managed to get out for a decent blast of training too, following it all I was able to stay awake long enough for my plane to leave Australia!

Wednesday: Sprint intervals with the crew around CSIRO, a good final group hit out. (map)

Thursday: ANUWFC match. Never mind the score…

Friday: Test ran the Jim Sawkins memorial event: super tough physically and a great hit out before Italy. I only ran 2/3rd of the course due to time constraints, but the full course would have taken me over 90mins, a proper classic! Canberra’s rocks gave me a decent goodbye present when I stacked it onto my shoulder, knee, and right index fingernail(?!). However, you should see the rock… my left fist attests to the decent left hook I dealt it on my way down. Seriously though, if you’re in Canberra this weekend, head to this event! I thoroughly recommend it; a wicked area, Hugh has done a great job of the mapping, and it’s within the city. Details here.

Saturday: ACT Sprint Champs. Second to a speedy Hanny, with Shannon not far behind. Pretty happy after 3 tough days training, always plenty to work on! J Maps coming. Results.

Sunday: AM: ACT middle champs. Legs feeling even more tired, and well beaten by Hanny again, but not too concerned. As a bonus my time was given 2 extra mins given by the start box not registering my SI too…interesting. Received another goodbye present, from Namadgi this time –faceplanting in a marsh and surfacing to find blood spurting from my shredded RH. After this I found out that orienteering one handed is quite hard! results. map.
PM: Another ANUWFC premier league match! Never mind the score…
Later PM: On to the airport, and sleep walked my way onto my flight and off to Europe!
I swear this picture does not do the quantity of blood justice.

And with all of that done and packed away, it's on to the grand adventures of Team Grizzle! Stay tuned for tales of gelato, tourism, adventure, and the odd training session, coming soon!


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