Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eurovision 2014

No. Not that Eurovision. Although...

Slovenia, you'll be hearing from my lawyers.

It's now less than a week until I leave Australia for warmer Northern climes (yeah, bet that sentence is very rarely uttered). I've finally broken through the horrific weeks at work, and am thoroughly in wind down mode. At last I can switch my full focus on Europe. Woo! Eurovision!

After returning home after a disappointing WOC last year, I decided that I'd take the time, effort and money to give myself the best possible chance of performing come WOC 2014. And so began the planning for a 7 week training trip to Europe! As it turned out, my very vague plans matched up well with those of Greta Knarston, who's taking a step further than me this year, and moving to Europe post-WOC. So over the last 9 months we've put our heads together and hatched the following pretty darn exciting plan. Watch out Europe!

I won't bore with the details of the plan now, but stay tuned for live results and commentary as we work our way around the following course :-)

2.1km. Just a quick sprint really.

A huge thanks to everyone who's got in touch, both before and after my shameless call for friends! Most appreciated, and sorry that we can't fit visiting you all in! It's awesome just how friendly and welcoming the global orienteering community is. If any of you wish to visit down under, just get in touch!

So there it is, what should be 7 weeks of amazing fun! I can't wait to get stuck in to the Eat-Sleep-Train-Repeat routine. 4 days until take off, and they'll go quickly...a couple of good training sessions and football matches plus the ACT champs before flying out. I'll be on the plane and fast asleep before I know it! where did I put my Northern Hemisphere compasses?!

See you soon Europe!
I'll miss you though Canberra.
Got to love Autumn in the ACT,
cracker of a day for training at Boboyan last weekend.