Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When you don't know what to write.

Don't write.

Advice that may not work for a thesis...but that's for future Lizzie to worry about. It works perfectly in this case.
I'm well aware that anything I write here won't live up to my last post. So I've decided not to try. Instead, here's some pics from the last month. With the end of a long stint in the lab in sight, and the resumption of the domestic season, my PED is steadily on it's way out. So here's some (unasked for) advice to the latest batch of kiwis and aussies coming home from WUOC and into the arms of the awaiting PED:

If it has to be winter...

...Go find the snow.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

World Cup 2015: A guide to Australian Fauna

"How do you deal with all of the [insert name of deadly animal]?!", "How often do you see [said horrible animal]?", "Have you ever been killed by [unthinkable monster of a creature]?!"

All questions that I was asked multiple times while in Europe this year. And all very relevant questions given the upcoming World Cup races in Tassie, and Australia's reputation as a country where every animal is out to kill you. In fact, there's rumours that some national teams are hesitant in attending due to how teeming with snakes and spiders this country apparently is.