Friday, April 24, 2015

To Canberra, with love

A friend once told me, on our parting, "this is not an end, just a new beginning". Which I thought was a pretty damn wise thing to say. And kind of wish it was me that thought to say it (Even if it's not exactly original).

Just over two three four weeks ago I finished dotting the final i's, crossing the final t's, and inserting the final commas into my PhD thesis. After an evening spent battling with the RSES printers, and the following morning spent alternating between wrestling with the binding machine and/or loudly singing and dancing to today's popular music*, I finally submitted. 2pm Friday 27th March 2015, almost exactly 4 years and one month after arriving at the ANU.

Novelty pen, the only way to sign off your Phd really.