Sunday, February 8, 2015

Behind the times: Tassie World Cup

Yep, I've finally got around to a very belated report! Usually I'd be able to blame this on the slowness of the internet down here...but seen as everyone else has already posted their reports from Tassie, that excuse may not fly this time. So I'll have to take the flak on this one. Sorry. It's now been over a month since Tassie and the 1st round of the World Cup. And let's be honest, I've had time to write this post. But I haven't.

On arrival home from an amazing two weeks in Tassie, it was straight back into student mode: and as any grad student will attest - as submission gets closer and closer (or atleast, as you think/hope/pray that it may be getting closer), any time spent doing something that's not writing or working is accompanied with tremendous guilt. But on the flip side, anytime you succeed in remembering or doing any every day task you're incredibly impressed with yourself. You almost expect a huge fanfare and congratulations...Like last Sunday, when I managed to go to the super market, AND reply to an email. (sidenote: sorry anyone whose emails to me have got lost in a black hole of thesis)

The current string of PhD comics reflect my life scarily accurately.