Sunday, December 7, 2014

Where Are Ya?!

Yeah, it's been a while.

Where are ya? It seems like a simple question. Yet one which over much of the past 2 months I'm not sure I could really answer! Physical training wise, it's been a stop-start period, with sickness, injury and work all playing their parts. And mentally, by the time I've shut down the thesis file at the end of the day, there hasn't been much juice left in the brain! That said though, I've stubbornly refused to work weekends (much), and with the advent of summer, they've been well used as I try to cram in as much exploring as possible before I leave Aussie! So, really, where haven't I been?!

After a bit of an end of season break, base training kicked off with the ACT 6hr Rogaine down at the coast.

full map
Which offered some stunning views, and plenty of Goannas for company.

Haven't mentioned these guys yet have I?
But they're harmless
...unless they mistake you for a tree ;)

Water was still too cold for a swim.
Closer to home, was the annual 'blood or glory' 3hr Halloween rogaine, courtesy of the Miller family, Held in my back yard training ground, Mt Ainslie, I ended up with a bit of blood, but no glory. Although I cleared the course, I got beaten on scavenger hunt points by Orienteering ACT's new visiting coach Lukas, and ACT junior Ciaran...they must have collected more kangaroo poo than me (1 point per 5g...). With two of the controls in the middle of water holes, I can however say I had my first (and second) swim of summer out on the course :)

Full map
Other weekends have been taken up with long runs. Both Lukas and Lachy have been keen partners in crime when it comes to combining training and exploring. They've both even been kind enough to not leave me in their dust too often!

The rules: Every run must have a view. Or end with a swim.
Preferably both.
And they also conveniently both own 4wds. Which sometimes helps. But sometimes doesn't...

Still 15km from the end of the Corn Trail...
Fortunately, in this case we were able to combine our wits (and pure brawn) to save the run...

Pictured: Physics in action.
aka jumping up and down on a tree.
And the swim.
Worth it. Every time.
Unfortunately however,  I learnt later that week that karma can be a bitch... A significantly smaller branch taking revenge for it's larger cousin.

Wear long socks kids.
(Side-note: Snakes generally move out of the way. Sticks do not. So which should we really be worried about?)

Anyway, a few stitches and a 2 week break from training (which, incidentally, led to a 2 week break in thesis productivity) later, things are getting back on track. It's now 3 weeks 'til I head down to Tassie. I've had to accept that I won't be in top physical or mental state for the World Cup races. But that's OK. They're going to be wicked fun. I get to catch up with good friends. And I get the 2nd chance in 2 years to compete against the best in what I now consider to be (2nd) home terrain.
You can't get much better than that.

So that's where I am:
Weekend writing relief is back in action:

No view. But we were swimming in rain the whole run.
 The water is now warm enough to swim:

Found possibly the least Swiss terrain to take Lukas
running in,
And the locals are just kickingback, enjoying early summer, and waiting for everyone to arrive:

Which really just leaves the question:

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