Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WANTED: Friends!

Two adventure loving single kiwi girls seek friends and training buddies for orienteering good times! Our interests include running around in forests, eating large amounts of delicious food, drinking coffee, and then running around in more forests. 
Our perfect day would start off with a light breakfast and coffee, followed by a technical middle distance training in stunningly beautiful forest. A picnic lunch in the fresh mountain surrounds would see away the early afternoon, before a leisurely sight-seeing long run or a sprint session set around a picturesque and historic town. Our ideal dinner would be fresh pasta and the evening would be whiled away talking about maps.

Yep. It's now less than a month until Greta and I ditch our jobs/studies and head over to Europe! In my case it's a 7 week trip, leading into WOC. For Greta, it's a one-way trip. Until she finds her hot European husband and lures him back to NZ that is.

The skeleton of our trip has been mapped out for a while, now we're looking to fill in the details. I'll write about our full plans sometime in the near future, but first up is the WOC training camp and Trenches 3 days up around Asiago. Having both orienteered in the area before (2004 for me, JWOC '09 Greta), we can't wait to head back to the dolomites, unwind from work, and fully concentrate on orienteering!

But of course, everything is more fun with more friends! So if there's other national teams or groups who are around from the 27th May - 3rd June, there's 2 kiwi girls who would be keen to coordinate training/transport with you! Just flick me a message :) See you soon Europe!
All that's missing is YOU :)

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  1. How long will you stay ?

    Considered staying for Night Hawk 8th - 9th August? I will provide you with headlamps :D