Monday, March 24, 2014

Déjà vu

Who remembers this gem?

Pics: WorldofO 
The first control of the WOC 2011 Women's Long distance final. A real hummer of a leg that really defined people's races; be it through a horrendous miss or a clean hit. For nostalgia's sake, here's the gps replay link :)

As is often the case, we're a few years behind down here in the Antipodes ;-) But the National League Race on Kangaroo Crossing yesterday threw up similar mayhem on the first control with what was a race defining leg. Unfortunately this time around there's no gps tracking, and being a WRE runner's weren't wearing their own devices. But hopefully we'll see some route gadget routes in the near future. Which way would you have gone?!

I suffered a lack of confidence hitting the circle (due to an unmapped seasonal open area close to the circle).
 This lead to misinterpreting the rocks and turning the wrong way, heading up the gully.
I eventually found the control 4mins later, as I headed off to relocate!

Hanny (1st) and Jo (2nd) hit the control cleanest, and take 1st and 2nd for the race.
We'll keep the rest of us anonymous ;-)

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